Motion | Realtime | Design

Flow Festival (2011–2013)

Motion ID for a urban festival branding

Audio reactive motion identity for the Flow festival for 2011–2013. Yearly themes were "mantra", "basic elements" and "emotions". Illustrations by Santtu Mustonen, music by Matti Pentikäinen.

Client: Tsto
Customer: Flow Festival

University of Arts Helsinki (2013)

Motion ID for an art universities branding

The new identity was awarded the Kultahuippu 2013.

Client: Bond
Customer: University of the Arts Helsinki

Body of Water

Creative coding for interactive video installation

Built and exhibited at the Maledives Pavillion at the 55th Venice Biennale of Art, curated by the Gervasuti Foundation.

In Collaboration: Body of Water Project

Tiny Symphony of Light

Synesthetic multimedia experience for Jean Sibelius 150th anniversary exhibition


Client: Aalto Media Lab
Customer: Finnish National Gallery

Turku European Capital of Culture 2011

Series of Live Visuals for "Night Moves" promotional events in Shanghai, London, Berlin, Tallinn, Stockholm and Helsinki with Dynamo

Client: Dynamo
Customer: Turku 2011

Club Lumia Nokia Factory Visuals

Projection design and live visuals for Nokia sponsored Club Lumia events with N2

Client: N2
Customer: Nokia